Custom CNC Plasma Cutting

From business signs to store front artwork to enhancing an existing wrought iron fixtures, Artistic Iron Works can cut any shape, letter or design up to 2" thick steel plate. Whether you have your design ready to be cut, would like assistance designing, or would like us to design it we can help you. We also have an extensive library of designs to choose from. Call us today 702-387-8688 for more information and see our Plasma Cut Gallery here.

Custom building wrap with plasma cut tree design

This custom plasma cut tree design was used as a building wrap

This process utilizes a plasma torch to cut iron into intricate shapes and designs according to the customer’s specifications. The torch dispenses an inert gas at a high speed. As the gas is dispensed, an electrical arc forms reaching from the nozzle to the iron surface. This process transforms some of the gas into plasma, which is hot enough to melt the iron. The molten metal is blown away from the piece leaving a perfectly formed shape.

Custom hammerhead shark plasma cut sign

Custom Plasma Cut Sign
Plasma cutter operator watching a plasma cut job for quality

Plasma Cutter in action

The torch is able to cut the iron precisely using computer numerical control, or CNC. Computer-aided design programs produce files the CNC machine interprets and uses to guide the torch. The result is an exact replication of the original design. By utilizing this automated process, the results are highly accurate and the possibilities for recreating numbers, letters, images and decorative elements are virtually endless.


Plasma Cutting offers you a variety of options

Homeowners can choose to have an address put on a perimeter fence or entrance gates. Some opt to have a monogram or some other design installed on a driveway gate. Professional sports fans can display a logo to show loyalty to their favorite team. Adding decorative elements that match the architectural style of the home will improve curb appeal and set the property apart from others in the neighborhood.

Commercial property owners can have the experts at Artistic Iron Works reproduce a logo to install on the side of a building or attach to a security gate. Business owners can order signs bearing the company name or an image that reflects the services or products offered.

To discuss the options for CNC plasma cutting with a helpful customer service representative, call Artistic Iron Works at 702-387-8688 or visit our gallery showroom at 105 W Charleston Blvd in downtown Las Vegas.

Lotus design plasma cut entryway design

Lotus design plasma cut entryway design
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