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Why Powder Coat - Powder Coat versus Paint

Powder Coating offers a sturdy alternative to paint...

Powder coating is a baked on plastic based finish that is far more rugged and resilient than paint. Because powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce thicker coatings than paint without running or sagging. In addition, several colors can be applied before curing them all together, allowing color blending and special effects in a single layer. It resists scratching and won't peel or flake, and with annual waxing, it's color will remain rich and full for decades.

For more information and/or a free estimate, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 702-387-8688, or visit our showroom located at 105 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, near the I15 and Commerce Blvd.

A worker sprays in our powder coat booth


...that can add a new dimension to your iron!

Powder Coated rims

From Matte Black to Chameleon Sapphire to Galaxy Wave to Oyster White, we offer over a hundred different colors on to choose from and we stock a wide variety of textures. That's right, TEXTURES! Our powder coaters can give your iron products a great look with a great feel too! We offer veined, wrinkled, river or rock textures and a whole lot more. Come by our showroom at 105 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV to see and feel samples of our powder coating options.


The ultimate in customization!


Combine Artistic Iron's ability to plasma cut custom designs with our powder coat options and you end up with the ultimate custom accessory for your gate, door or whatever your imagination can come up with. Here's a sampling of the unique powder coated designs that our team has come up with so far.

Powder coated rims hot out of the drying oven

Give us a call at 702-387-8688 to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgable sales associates or come on down to our showroom at 105 W. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV and see for yourself some of the great creations that Artistic Iron can produce for you.

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